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Monday - Thursday - 9 - 5.30pm

Friday - 9 - 6pm

Saturday - 9 - 4:30pm

Sunday - Closed

Winter Opening Hours

Monday - Friday - 9 - 6pm

Saturday - 9 - 4pm

Sunday - Closed

Summer Opening Hours

The Mid-Norfolk Smokehouse is a local smokehouse based in the heart of Norfolk.  We smoke only the finest quality of fish which has be locally caught or sourced from the highest quality suppliers from around the coast.  

Mid-Norfolk Smokehouse supplies many farm shops and independent retail outlets, and we also have a shop at Cranworth for retail sales at value for money prices.  You’ll also find us at one of the many local and farmers markets around Norfolk, so come and say hello.


We offer an export service for our smoked fish, which allows us to send our produce all around the world.  For further details, head over to our export page.


Shop payment method = cash or cheque


Trade payment methods = cash, cheque, bacs



"Enjoyed these for breakfast, bought from Roys, Sudbury.

Ate them with a naan bread, spread with strawberry jam!!! (No, I am not pregnant).

Heated in the microwave, 750w for 3 minutes, by 2 minutes, things got a bit lively!

Will try heating under the grill next time.


Great product, great value, will become a regular item in my house.


Kind regards James"

A Review of our boned kippers


- whole cooked frozen lobsters  - 6.50 each


- raw prime lobster tails  - 4.00 each


- 100g sliced smoked salmon - 1.99


- 500g sliced smoked salmon- 7.50


- smoked duck breasts - 3.50 each


- scallops meat frozen - 15.00 kilo


- 1 kilo packs of cooked and peeled king prawns - 13.00


- bass stuffed with butter and fennel - 3.00 each


- prime bronze norfolk turkeys from park farm southburgh, oven ready


- proper chickens from primrose farm southburgh, oven ready


- prime norfolk beef from park farm southburgh- to order only


Xmas open times for shop

22nd 9-6pm

23rd 8.30 -6pm

24th 9-5pm


25,26,27,28 closed


29th 9- -5pm

30th 9 -4.30


31st 9- 4.30pm


1st closed


2nd open as normal