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Highlander Salmon Range

Our Highlander Seafoods Salmon Supremes are sustainably sourced from the finest Scottish Atlantic salmon.  Rich in Omega 3, they can be cooked from fresh or frozen as part of your favourite recipe.


Our Salmon Supremes come in two great pack sizes - 4 x 140-170g and 10 x 140-170g Salmon portions.


The smaller packs are ideal for Independent retailers, supermarkets, farm shops and Deli's.


The larger packs are perfect for Food Sourcing companies, wholesale, caterers and Independent retailers.


Both sizes can be shipped anywhere in the U.K. or Exported to anywhere in the world.  


We ship via airfreight, or container depending the amount ordered.


If you're interested, please use the form on our export page

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Small Pack Front

Small Pack Back

Large Pack Front

Large Pack Small

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